replacing a window pane in a bay window, is it do-able?

kmarcelSeptember 20, 2010

I have a large bay window in our living room. The outside wood had rotted in a section of it and my husband fixed it. However, because of the leaking the window inside -between the 2 glasses has condensation and is foggy in appearance. There are 5 window panes and it has affected one of them. Is it possible to just replace the glass from this window instead of the entire window? The woodwork on the inside in still in good shape and I don't like the look of replacement bay windows, ie. panel on outside of house where it attaches.

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More than likely yes, but there is alot more info needed. Brand of window if possible? Type of window? What the window is made of? the wood rotting has no bearing on your condensation problem, the seal on the insulated glass unit is shot, causing the moisture problem.Pictures may even help.

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Most likely yes as millworkman stated.

You best bet will be to contact a glazing contractor in your area unless you plan on doing this work yourself.

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