Best finish for mahogany entry door

nypatti99June 16, 2010

We purchased an unfinished mahogany entry door for our front door. What is the best way to finish this door.

The door will not see direct sun - it is under the porch overhang on the north side of the house.

I've asked around and get lots of "don't use _____" from people, mostly citing that the finishes have a tendency to crack/peel and when they do the only remedy is to sand to bare wood and refinish. The door has much trim and several windows so the thought of sanding to refinish, even several years down the road is scary.

My sister uses Australian Timber Oil on a mahogany railing and seems pleased with the results and not overburdened by re-applying the oil periodically.

Does an oil finish like Aus. Timber Oil seal the wood sufficiently to prevent swelling and sticking of the door in humidity? Are there any other drawbacks?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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Paint it with an untinted #4 or #5 deep tint base paint.

Those dry clear and are paint. There are no better exterior finishes than paint.

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Can I still stain the door under a paint base? I wanted to deepen the color a bit. If I can, any reccommendation for stain type/brand?

Thank you again!

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Yes, you can stain first. However, wood and stains or dyes will fade when subjected to sunlight and UV rays---the reason for using paint tint base.

Be sure to test the tint base on something else to be sure the brand you select does dry clear.

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Ace Hardware Royal Shield gloss oil house and Trim deeptone base does NOT dry clear. You can have the paint store open a can and paint (not dip) some to a wooden stir (or better yet a sample stained) to test. It will take a day to dry. Be sure you like the results before you try it on the door. It will be hard to redo.

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