approved methods for splicing bare cu-awg6 gec (outdoors)?

fixizinApril 11, 2011

Let's say you've got Ye Olde bare nekkid 6 ga. copper wire emerging from the POCO meter housing, and it used to just run diagonally across the wall and clamp onto the copper water pipe service entrance... which is now the PVC water pipe service entrance... so now you gotta do the ground rod thing... and you don't want to open meter housing to run whole new length.

I was thinking just shine up that old wire to match the new, overlap them about 2" end-to-end, twist them together REAL tight with the Klein-nines, then solder the whole splice zone... or does NEC require some whiz-bang clamping device made by a mega-corporation?

Splice would be above ground, if that matters.

PS: How deep does Grounding Electrode Conductor have to be buried, on run out to grounding electrode?

Thanks in advance.

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That isn't even close to safe, reliable or NEC compliant. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to. Just run it the right way from the meter base.

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Video Cadweld

Here is a link that might be useful: Video Cadweld Classic

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The GEC can only be spliced using non-reversible methods like welding.

If you put the rod(s) (you need two unless you can show one has a low enough impedance) below the meter box and then another off to the side the old wire may be long enough to reach (at least the first and maybe the second).

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