Best way to remove part this upper cabinet . . . (pics)

oldalgebraJune 2, 2009

My son and his wife have just purchased a first home. They are planning to remodel the kitchen at some furture date, so any large appliance purchases will be done with that in mind.

They would like to remove the right bottom portion of this upper cabinet (just below the shelf) so that they can buy a larger refrig. What is the best way and the best tool for this job?


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Fein Multimaster. (Yes, as seen on TV) I would take out both sides to make it look even. Do they live in the SF Bay area?

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No, don't live in the Bay Area.

What I'm asking is, "What's the best way?" They can't afford to call a carpenter. Must do it themselves.

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Maybe you didn't understand my original response. The right tool for the job is the Fein Multimaster. It costs a couple hundred dollars; they could try to rent one. The blades for the tool are expensive and wear out quickly, for cabinet work I always start with a new sharp blade. The tool does flush cutting and plunge cutting with excellent accuracy. Follow the bottom edge of the shelf as a guide to make the cut. For the left side, where you don't want to cut too deep into the other cabinet, mark the blade with masking tape to guage the depth of cut.

I was just offering to help out if they are local. It would take me about 10 minutes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fein Multimaster

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IHave they tried a handyman? That Fein is a wonderful tool, but it is more expensive than a service call.

Lacking the service person and having to DIY it inexpensively, a decent small hand saw with fine teeth, a straight edge, and a cheap sander will be the next best option. Those tools will easily take off the portion on the right side. The portion on the left is less amenable to removal with handtools. It may be best to just leave that part for the remodel.

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Oh my gosh! I had no idea that a Fein Multimaster was a tool. I thought it was the name of your cabinets company!
I found a dealer for the Multimaster less than 3 miles away from my house and I plan go there tomorrow.
You were so nice to offer to help. I am from the Bay Area. It might only take you 10 minutes to do the job, but if memory serves me correctly, the traffic in that part of California would add HOURS to the job!
Again, thank you for your suggestion.

You may be right about the left side of the cabinet. Best left to the remodel guys.

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