taking out window / adding window

ready2movesSeptember 11, 2012

We are considering purchasing a home in the south. The home has some windows I would prefer no windows be. Then there are places where I wish there were windows. So, how hard is it to take out a window, and how hard is it to add a window. The house is stucco and wood frame not block, one story, built in the mid-1980's.

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This is not something I would recommend be done by someone with no experience. I would get a couple of estimates.

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+1. Definitely not a DIY proposition. In fact, I'd recommended someone with sufficient experience working with stucco.

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Windows on Washington


Certainly not impossible but will likely require permits, stamped engineer's drawings, and some re-framing.

Definitely not a green DIY'ers job but if you have some carpentry experience you should be okay.

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I am not someone who has no carpentry experience. We just finished a small remodel. It included enlarging an opening on a load-bearing wall. But not windows. I can frame. (I have a partial bone break on my foot to prove when building a 2x4 stud wall, not to do it myself anymores!) The person who said I needed a "stamped engineer's drawing", wow, sorry, but have never ever had one. all drawings have been my own down to scale. I was only off one time and that was a corner where a new garage was going and I missed the the door corner. I was off not even an inch I think, but off.
I guess what I am asking is how much do windows and stucco compare with siding and windows in the midwest? We have casement windows with screens. The windows in the south and all the houses we have looked at look really flimsy compared to our large heavy ones. I plan on replacing all the windows and yes, I will try to do it myself.
I have also seen homes with stucco and then with a different material, so i plan also on changing some of the exterior. I read where a brick veneer is good for hurricanes, :)
yea, I've bricked.... not fun, but done. but brick veneer? I want a 'fancier' exterior other than just stucco.

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