Replacement Window - Nail Fin Question

smoenraSeptember 1, 2008

I have a dilema in which I'm replacing a number of 9-yr old vinyl windows in my house. I have wood casements and jambs inside the house that I absolutely do not wish to remove. I'm considering removing the j-channel and vinyl siding and pulling the old windows out from the exterior. I would like to use a replacement window (no nail fin) and install and shim from the outside of the house. My question is, besides foaming in the replacement from the outside and re-installing the j-channel and vinyl siding, do I need flashing or a better way of sealing the rough opening to replacement window gap?

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You can get many replacement windows with a clip in nailing fin. You can also get a clip in nailing fin that has integral J-channel and/or J-channel with an exterior molding.

You theoretically could install and shim the windows without the nailing fin attached. Once the windows were installed via screwing through the jambs, you could then clip in the nailing fin/J-channel and than put up your flashing tape prior to putting the siding back.

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The replacement windows I'm looking at (american craftsman - Andersen) do not have these clip on nailing fins. Can you buy them?

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it is typically an add on feature that can clip in to the accessory groove on the outside perimeter of the window. I am not sure how the American Craftsman are engineered.

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