Brosco-type windows outside New England

LongpunterSeptember 30, 2013

I am considering replacing the original wood windows in my 1930's colonial in the Virginia/DC area. The problem is mainly extensive failing glazing putty and paint, and failing 1950's era aluminum triple track storms. Costs for refurbishing and restoration wood windows in this area is comparable to high end window replacement, and I would still need to put on a storm window, which I find unacceptable after spending all the money on refurbishment.

I am very interested in very traditional wood windows like the single glaze true divided light, putty glazed windows from Brosco, with a low e "energy panel". These seem relatively cheep and plentiful in New England, but there is no dealer in the DC area (closest in NJ). Also, they seem to come in only standard sizes that are (apparently) very standard in New England, but that may probably not fit my jams well. The Brosco dealer price sheet is available online and shows the standard sizes, but measurements are hard to understand. I could conceivably buy these up north and ship them down, but I would not get any support from Brosco or any installer very familiar with the product.

I've also considered replacing with high end vinyl (Okna/HiMark 800) and high end fiberglass (Marvin Infinty). These are pretty good, but will still change the look and feel of the house, and with the costs of add-ons like non-white interior/exterior and grids, I could end up paying a lot for something unsatisfying.

Anyhow, anyone have any suggestions or advise re. Brosco-type window replacements outside of the Brosco dealer area?


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Marvin and Kolbe make wood double hungs like your looking for and if they are too expensive you may look into LePage as they make a decent wood window that should be a lower price point.

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Thanks, I was not aware of LePage and they seem just about right.

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Pretty decent product, not in the same class as Marvin or Kolbe but much better than the run of the mill wood junk. Let me know via my email at the top of the page if you need a dealer and I can see what I can do to find you one as I know the rep.

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