Woodwright vs. "A" Series (Architect)

ronniepuddleSeptember 28, 2013

We are trying to make a decision re: "A" Series vs. Woodwright double hung Anderson. Full framed window (not replacement). 1920 house. North East. Stucco. Basic white on inside and outside, we plan to paint windows and install outside trim ourselves. All the Anderson White paints look grey to me. Fine with basic screens, basic clear divided glass. The grills need to look authentic not pop out and in. The windows need to tilt (they all do). The hardware will be in rubbed oil bronze, estate. The ability to raise the window, needs to be smooth and not too hard. What is the big difference or advantage of these two Anderson Windows? Is it just the fiberglass?

I can't tell them apart. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

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Both are fine choices, perhaps one of the Andersen experts will chime in with insight on the differences.
Is there a reason that you are only considering Andersen?... I'd throw Marvin and Kolbe into the mix of top wood windows that are readily available.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Todd seems to know the lines pretty well. Perhaps he will comment but I also agree that Marvin and Kolbe should be in the mix if you are considering wood.

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I am not that familiar with these lines besides tire kicking. As far as I can tell you can get more color options, hardware options, glass options,complete line of products, and tilt latch like Marvins with the A-Series. The A-Series was quite a bit more expensive when I last priced them out, if the Woodwright has everything you want I wood not pay the premium since there seems to be no real gain in performance and both seem built fairly well.

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