GFCI breaker

eddie2626April 23, 2013

I'm trying to installation GFCI breaker. I cannot determine which is the ground wire.I followed the load wire to the top of the breaker box and there is no white wire in the same conduit pipe. the wall is finished so I cannot follow the power wire out of the box .
How can I find the ground wire?

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Ron Natalie

You need professional help.

A white wire is never a ground wire. The ground wire is either bare or green. If this conduit is metal, it may be legally serving as the ground.

The grounded conductor (commonly called neutral) is white.

Is this a 240V circuit by any chance? In that case there may indeed be no (white) neutral.

The ground doesn't get connected to a GFCI breaker so I'm not sure why you are worried about it.

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Many posts here recently have been from those who registered that day and then posted nonsense. I think we have a really creative prankster trolling here. I'm going to scale back my efforts for a while.

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Judging by the bad grammar, I can only guess who it might be. Hmmmmm, I wonder.

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