Should I replace casements with double hung?

EngineerChicSeptember 3, 2012

Earlier this year we put a new second floor on our cape and, based on recc from this board and my preferences for how windows look, we used Marvin double hung windows, wood, with aluminum cladding (Ultimate). We opted for 6:1 with SDL and the thinner grids (5/8").

I love them. They are 100 times better than the single pane double hung windows they replaced (they move easily) and 1,000 times better than the only new windows I'd known before, which were all vinyl in a modular house we used to live in.

Question now is... When we are ready to do the first floor windows we have a mix of original 1965 single pane windows and some Anderson casements in an addition that was built mid-80's. The Andersons are okay, no leaks in the seals. But they are a PITA to open. They stick in the corner, so you have to open the screen to nudge them open. They are a vinyl clad window with wood frames. There are 3 of them on each side of the breezeway/eat-in portion of the kitchen. They DO give good ventilation, since they allow the breeze to blow through the house.

Options I'm aware of:

A) keep existing windows and hope they can be adjusted to address the sticking.

B) replace with a push-out casement, which seems better than a crank out mechanism

C) replace with double hung windows, which might reduce airflow but are easier to leave gapped in a light rain without soaking the wood window interior.

It's okay if we have to change the size of the windows a bit, we will be replacing the siding (to match the second floor) when we do this.

Thoughts? Pitfalls I'm missing? We plan to live here forever and have already invested more money in this house than we'd ever see back. But still, I don't want to be financially silly just because I enjoy these new windows so much.

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I would replace with double-hungs since I dislike casements and mixing different types of windows in the same house. The only thing to be careful of are sizes that don't look prper for double-hungs.

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Spray the sticking area with silicone spray and wipe off the excess. That might solve that. Otherwise, I agree with the above.

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Thank you for the advice! If we get double hung windows to replace these they will be a little shorter so the ht-width is the right shape for a double hung window. That will make it easier for furniture placement, actually, which makes me happy :)

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