Staining & finishing Alder bookcases--Recommendations?

nessasJune 5, 2007


I need to stain & finish 7 large ready-to-assemble alder bookcases, and would like them to make them a medium cherry color. I'd also like the color to be fairly consistent among the bookcases, as they'll all be next to each other in the room.

Any recommendations for what the best type of stain and finish would be for alder? The finish doesn't have to be as sturdy as a table finish would need to be.


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Here is a discussion that may be of some help.

I highly recommend trying different approaches on scrap, undersides, etc., before you commit to front and center of your project.

I don't see a lot of alder here in the midwest. But the last time I used it, I liked the look of a hide glue size the best. A wash coat of shellac or some of the canned pre-conditioners might also work, depending upon your stain.

Here is a link that might be useful: Staining alder

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Thanks, that's a useful article.

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