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tnowickApril 28, 2012

I have 2" grey pvc conduit running from my basement underneath a patio and terminating vertically from the ground a few feet past the edge of the patio (in the dirt). I want to install an outlet on the stone wall at the edge of this patio. I do not know how to properly return the wire from that open 2" vertical conduit back to the wall a few feet away. I assume I need a junction box on the existing conduit, but can't find one with a 2" inlet. I would like to keep the connections buried if possible, return with a smaller conduit to the wall and up to a mounted outlet box (weatherproof). Any suggestions about how to manage the conduit connections from the vertical pipe?


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Can't bury it with connections in it. I would continue the 2 inch conduit to a hopefully nearby discrete place and place a junction box there so that you can sprawl off to other places in the future from it. Then pipe some 3/4" from it for your 1st outlet box. You'll have to get a PVC enclosure box and drill your own holes for the pipe connectors. Make sure you use THWN individual conductors or perhaps UF (outdoor romex) cable. If you use individual conductors, you'll need a junction where it stubs into the house to change back to whatever wiring method you're using inside the house.

Or the most basic answer if you have no desire to ever use the capacity of the 2" conduit again. Use reducers to get it down to 1" pvc, then just pipe 1" PVC to your new outlet. My 1st option is allowing for future circuits to take advantage of the run to the house.

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