Paintable windows- worth it?

adh673September 15, 2010

We've decided on the OKNA windows. After enduring many painful window salesman pitches and researching on our own, we liked them the best.

However, I am torn between the 800 and Starmark. The Starmark are paintable but about 20% more. I had always wanted paintable b/c my trim is a creamy white and I didnt want the stark white vinyl window against it (we currently have all wood original windows). But now that I am on the cusp of ordering I am second-guessing. Painting is more maintenance but does it change the look/feel of a room?

Can anyone who had this debate with themselves tell me what you decided and how you feel about that decision now?

I also considered doing the paintable for the first floor and the vinyl elsewhere (I feel like I dont really look at my windows in the bedrooms!) but DH isnt a major fan of that idea. I might be able to talk him into it. The windows are identical on the outside.


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I think you sort of answered your own question inside your question.

If you like the look of the off white that much more, you are going to be stuck with the painting and extra price hassles.

If you can learn to live with the Okna white, obviously the 800 series will be the better fit.

At least you have two very good options in front of you and you will have a good product either way at the end of the day.

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