Stepfamilies stink sometimes

byebyemindSeptember 5, 2009

I am so sad and distraught today. To make a long story short my mom was married to a guy for many years. He died just a few years ago. All my teen years this man was my stepfather and I was close to him and to his mother, whom I considered to be my grandmother. My stepfather passed away a few years ago and my mother had people over to her home after the services. My stepfathers brother is very greedy and money hungry. He was scouting my moms house and we saw him go to his truck with something valuable of my stepfathers and my mother went right out and retrieved it without saying a word. The funny thing is that my stepfathers brother has money, he lives in an affluent area and both his children have studied abroad and are in pretty expensive colleges.

Anyways before my stepfather died his mother was going to come live with my mother and stepfather because she was getting too old to be on her own. After my stepfather died she decided to live with her other son. Since she moved in with her other son (my stepuncle) we never heard from her. My stepuncle and stepfather did not really speak when my stepfather was alive.

Anyways today I found out that my stepgrandma passed away a month ago and my stepuncle and his family did not bother to call us. So we missed services and everything. I am so upset about this. And I know it was on purpose that we were not called.

So today stepfamilies stink.

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I'm truly sorry this happened in your family byebye (:

This same thing happened in our family...difference? Bio uncle "stole" grandmother, took her to another state and wouldn't allow any of us to speak to her. Didn't let us know she'd passed away, we found out by accident.
All over money.
Sad isn't it? And the legacy that leaves for generations to come is downright pitiful.

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That is about what step uncle did in ours. When grandma moved in with him he sold her home and anitques she had and everything else. Where did all the money go? Well he did not use it on her. He did not even hire a home health care nurse when her health went downhill, he had his kids help take care of her over their summer vacation from school.

When we were younger my sisters and I were in the will. We are thinking that he had her change the will before she died. And maybe he did not want us to know of her death because he worried we would contest the will and take some of "his" money.

Makes me sick. Because of his greedy behavior we missed our grandmas last days and even her services.

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I am so sorry...yes i think since you were in the will, stepuncle didn't want you to know about her death. he probably made her to change her will. some people are just evil, no matter stepfamily or not. I understand how it makes you feel not even attending funeral.

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I'm so sorry.

It does seem to me that, when one person schemes & connives & there's a lot of secrecy, & that one person ends up with all the assets...
that person is always the family member who already has the most.

Say a little prayer for your grandmother & forget step-uncle.

He's a lost cause.

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Wadda you mean SOMETIMES????

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