what type of paint to use on molding

westcoastbeginnerJune 12, 2007

What type of paint satin, semi-gloss, high-gloss is best to use on molding (crown, baseboard, etc.) I trough high-gloss was best, but someone recommend semi-gloss as it give a better finished look

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Most DIYers can achieve a smoother finish with semi and satin paints/finishes than with gloss. Getting a smooth finish when using gloss requires some practice and good or better---not average or cheap---equipment. A $3 paint brush will leave a streaky finish when using gloss paint, for instance.

I think gloss is better.

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I use full gloss (acrylic) with about 4 ox of Floetrol per gallon.
A very good brush (think about $15) is also needed.

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