Energy Efficient French Doors?

ontariomomSeptember 25, 2011

Hi everyone,

We need to choose an energy efficient French door for our addition (6 Feet rough opening for 8 foot ceilings). We live in Canada, so I don't want these doors to be a major source of heat loss. The doors will face south in a poorly treed area. I was hoping the two doors could open fully as opposed to a garden door where only one side opens, but could be persuaded otherwise. Our door and window trim will be painted white on the interior in case that matters at all (i.e no stained wood). Are there any good quality well insulated French doors on the market?

Thanks for your help. I don't know how I could get through all these addition decisions without Garden Forum!


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I would look for a fiberglass door and Low-e/argon will be a minimum.

You will need to decide ultimately what you want for an operator type and work from there.

A sliding door will be cheaper than a French door.

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I am not sure what you mean by operator type. We want the door to swing inward -- is that perhaps what you mean? We know the French door is more expensive than a slider, but we really prefer the look. We are prepared to pay for a quality door. Any brands you would recommend?



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The look of a French door (i.e. taller bottom rail) can be duplicated with a sliding door.

The difficulty with French doors is the fact that they will not come with a screen option. You will need to look into the sliding/hiding screens (i.e. Phantom or similar) to screen a French door.

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I have two triple section (two non moving, one moving), in swing french doors from Marvin. Each has a sliding screen (or you could have chosen a swinging screen option). They are clad exterior, interior wood, low e, argon filled. Had them installed almost a year ago and I love them.

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Thanks dgmarie!

I happen to be going to a Marvin showroom this week. I will ask about the same door you mentioned. Glad to hear a recommendation about a good quality french door.


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Are the non-moving panels able to be unpinned and folded inward? If not, what you have is called a hinged patio door and does come standard with a screen.

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ok, well I'm not an expert but we always called them french doors since they are all glass, all the same look, but only one opens. It is this one:

Marvin calls them French doors and that's what the order form calls them, too (inswing french door). The other panels are all separate but we cannot move them. They are installed fixed shut.

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