Question on replacement windows

raineygirlSeptember 29, 2013

I've noticed that whenever I raise a window and then close it and try to lock it, I have a hard time getting it to lock. Then, I realized that the top window must have moved downward some and it's not lined up with the locks. I then have to reach up to the top of the top window and give it a push up while I'm holding the bottom window down to be able to lock it.

Is this right? It doesn't sound like you would have to go thru all of this just to be able to lock them. Both top and bottom windows raise up and down and lean out for cleaning.

I was just wondering if this is normal for this type of window.

Also, is it true that the windows have to be locked to get the airtight fit and not let air in? Someone told me that and I didn't think that was right but thought I would ask here.


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Yes to both questions,
That said, i know the Okna 800 has an anti drift feature bulilt into the head of the window in order to help prevent the top sash from moving downward when closing the bottom sash.
Most upper window sash's will drift downward though. One of the many reasons i like the Okna 800 " EnviroStar" windows.

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Windows on Washington

Pretty normal for most windows and somewhat unavoidable where you have windows that have a very positive interlock and weatherstripping.

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Ok, thanks!

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