beginner want to repurpose to make island

jennycm76June 27, 2011

Hello everyone. I am doing a little kitchen redo. I have no woosworking experiance but am willing to study to learn! ok so i have a 42 x 60 table. I have a base cabinet that my contractor misordered (6 years ago) and I bought thinking it would be a great island. Its horrid. 24 X 30 just looks bad, It was a very overpriced thing so i cant just dump it, was wondering if i could put the table on top and use it as a dining island, i think there are programs out there that i could plug in the numbers and it would magically show me the creation but i dont know how to do it=) My dining area is small so i am trying to multipurpose.

Thanks in advance.


Base close up

Dining room and the table also the base is the ugly thing sticking out in corner there.

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I've been there, done that with trying to repurpose things I have and sometimes the best course is just to let go and move on. This might be such a situation. How to find out... determine what you want to build as if you didn't have the island, and then see if the things you have fit those plans. If they don't, sell what you have and look for new economically - craigslist and other sources of used stuff are amazing. The unit is a sunk cost; your expenditure won't be affected by what you do with the thing. If you hate it, unburden yourself and then you can build what you really want.

If this unit fits your plans, then the question I'd be most concerned with is height. How tall is the unit, and what surface height do you actually want? The table is too big for the unit to support all by itself - you will need another pedestal or legs that are equally tall. That's not so simple. Are you really looking to actually replace your table with the island? Do you just want extra storage? If that, you could get a shorter storage unit and put casters on it so it rolls under the table... if you build a taller island, you'll need higher chairs.

Anyway, the parameters of the project are probably not clear enough in your post to elecit much guidance, so maybe if you give more info, people can help you out better.


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