Conversation (or Treasure Hunt) Stepping Stones

fiddlekateSeptember 7, 2009

I've had fun lately making some stepping stones. Had a couple of friends over to make them a few weeks ago to see how it would go if I do a class at a nearby pioneer setttlement. We had fun and their stones turned out great! They are filled with 'stuff' and are a one step process which makes it easy as well as fun. :) Of course... the idea of adding 'stuff' keys, coins, etc. originally came from Slowmedown and several others here.. so thank you! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Making Conversation Stepping Stones with friends

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I'd say you're ready to do a class. They all look terrific!

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Kate....those look amazing and what a great idea to use different stuff! Let us know how your class goes. It sounds like a blast!


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Whoowee these babies are huge. Like what you used on them. They turned out great. Good luck on your classes.


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Wow, what a fun idea for a class! They look great. I've thought about holding a class next year at our local Boys & Girls Club. It'd be interesting to do stepping stones like these. I'd worried about having the kids cut glass, that someone might get injured. Using pebbles would still allow creativity but more safely, and we could throw some other beautiful options into the mix without doing any cutting. Then the kids could put them outside their homes.

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Way to go Kate!!! It sure is fun having some Gal Pals to do this with!!!
Jenel, you can always tumble the glass so they don't have sharp edges....

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What fun that is!!! And, they look amazing as well. Ahhh a glass tumbler, think that's what I need now...

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Thanks so much for the nice comments! :)
They really are lots of fun to do and Jenel... I think the kids would do fine with them! It's kind of a thick smush of thinset then they just push things into it and nothing at all has to be cut.
Jane...I'm trying to get more folks into the addiction! :)

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