Hi all!!

mom2emallSeptember 8, 2012

I feel like I haven't been on here in FOREVER!!

Been sooo busy!! Have 3 teens, a pre-teen, and a 1 year old in the house. Free-time is scarce nowadays! lol

We are all doing good.

Oldest SD is looking at colleges and been doing great. Still really active in sports and in AP classes.

Younger SD is good overall. Still making good grades and in activities. She has been a little trying on us. Had some issues with chatting with strangers online. First time was a warning and talk. Second time was 2 week electronics grounding. Third time and now she is grounded from EVERYTHING....not allowed in her bedroom until bedtime, all electronics gone, no phone calls, no friends, no extra school functions (dances, football games, etc.). So she is starting to behave better. Not sure when we will let up...punishment has been going on for a month now.

DS is a freshman this year. Loving high school. Playing football (which scares me! lol) and has a girlfriend. Nice girl, they are not allowed to go out alone though. She can come here and hang out in main areas of house (no bedrooms) and he is allowed the same at her house (her parents and us talk often). They can go on group outings and she often goes to his football games. Kinda weird that my "baby" is dating! lol Is getting major attitude at times...but grounding from seeing/talking to his gf and friends usually straightens it out.

SS is doing great. He loves school and keeps making high honor roll. He is still into sports and doing band. His drum playing is starting to sound like more than noise :) Really he is our easiest :)

And our baby is great! He is walking and talking. Not too many words yet, but he is only 1. All the kids are awesome with baby.

And as for BM she has been a source of some drama. We made the mistake of letting the kids see her and her boyfriend decided to beat her a$$ in front of them (but he was drunk and high was bm's excuse) Didn't go over well with us. Scared the kids. We are done. Haven't let them go there since (happened last spring). She barely calls anymore. She is still with her loser bf and we think she is preggo again (will be #4 with her bf). Haven't seen her in a while but saw pics on Facebook and she is looking quite large these days in the belly area. Don't think its just too much McDonalds meals in there.

So how are all of you?? I was looking and don't see a lot of posts from all the gals that used to frequent this board over the last few years when I was on here!

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Hi mom! :-D Glad things are going well for you and you have a handle on younger SD.
As for BM's loser FB: "but he was drunk and high"- well I guess that makes it all OK then.....

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LOL Coleen...I guess it does.

If thats the life she wants to choose then fine, but we don't have to allow it to be a life my step kids are a part of.

The crazy part is she is not "trapped" in this relationship. She has ways out. Her family wants her to leave. They have offered her a place to stay, help with babysitting, a car to use, etc. That is half the battle! All she has to do is leave the guy. But apparently she still wants to live in the world of getting abused and making excuses.

We are trying to get a handle on my younger sd. But she has always been the "difficult" child. I love the girl to pieces, but she is the one who tests our patience everyday :) Only a few more years and hopefully she will be off to college and have matured.

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Good for you for being aware of the danger and doing your best to stop it.

I have always been a firm believer in having the computer in a family with the monitor facing out. A room where the whole family has access to. With several kids set up two PCs in the same area. It is the only safe way to handle the internet with young children. When I first got a computer my Sis asked me to get ICQ so we could talk to each other. It was really neat and I left it open to everyone all over the world. It was wonderful experience talking to people in Iran, Africa, etc.. One of them was a man, a very interesting man who said all the right things, knew poetry, opera, etc.. He was the kind of guy vulnerable people, would fall prey to, especially young people. It took about 2 weeks of communicating for him to get down to what he really wanted to do. He didn't scare me, I just blocked him, but it made me aware of how dangerous he could be if he was looking for children.

My cousin in Arkansas volunteered at the public library. She said the young boys would come in, sit at the pc giggling, porn. I asked why they didn't stop it. She said it would be an invasion of their privacy. I said, just turn the monitors toward your desks.

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