Custom-made or replacement shutter slats/louvers?

housekeepingMay 1, 2005


Anybody know of a source for custom-made or replacement shutter slats or louvers? I have four very wide (30") shutters up in the cupola of my hay barn which need a majority of the louvers replaced. I can easily get the frames apart for insertion and minor repairs.

Blasted little ears on the slats have just plain worn off, and every windstorm brings more down.

The louvers are working, not fixed.

TIA, for your suggestions!


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How old is your cupola? If it's of recent vintage I suppose you've already tried looking for whoever made it. I'm not familiar with cupola louvers. Are the tabs round or square?

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Cupola is 160 years old, so I think the warranty is probably expired. The tabs are, IIRC, round. The shutters are set in a fancy arch-headed opening, but are basically plain shutters (with no center bar), but very wide. I have collected all the ones that have escaped the rails, but I'm sure some are lost. I regularly take window frames apart, and these shutters are made the same way (doweled), so I think if I can find, or cob together, enough louvers, I'll be able to make a good repair with (mostly) original material. Besides 30" wide by 4 feet shutters would be expensive, as you may know!


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Sounds like making replacement louvers will be a custom job -- a fairly simple one, though, since you're wanting to do the actual installation yourself. You could measure the diamater of the holes that the tabs fit into, check whether all the slats are the same length and provide a sample (or samples) to a small custom furniture shop. Have them made from a reasonably hard, rot-resistant wood. I'm guessing the tabs could be cut with a plug cutter chucked in a horizontal mortiser, which would make it a pretty efficient operation.

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mhanna is a good source for replacement/repair shutter parts.

Here is a link that might be useful: All About Window Shutters

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There is a company that supplies custom made replacement slats. They do a great job, and should be able to help you.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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