Joining two windows?

ccoombs1September 15, 2009

I currently have a fake glass block window in my bathroom that I hate. The blocks are cracking and I am replacing it. Since this window is next to a garden tub, the replacement window will be tempered glass. I have located two tempered glass double hung windows that are 2050 windows. The pair of them is only $100 and money is tight (I am out of work) so I need to make these windows work. The existing window is a 4040. This room is not done yet so changing the height of the opening will be a breeze, but its a load bearing wall so changing the width will be more complicated. It can be done, but if there is a way to join these two windows into one unit, I'd rather do that. They are vinyl with a nailing flange on them. I know this is done at the window factories all the time, but is this something I can do at home?

If this won't work I will put a 6" space between them to give me room for the siding. I'll also have to put up a temporary brace to support the roof trusses while I frame up a new header for the two windows.

Thanks in advance


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Vinyl windows are generally mulled to together using a vinyl h mullion. simply a piece of vinyl the depth of the window frame with legs on each end to form the shape of an h. Generally this is an easy mull, the flanges would eb carefully cut of the the h mull strip would be place on one side of the window with a bed of caulk the other window positioned next to it and then the 2 units careful screwed together. When screwing them together be careful not to pierce anything important. When you install make certain to use a drip cap over the top a preferable some sort of panning system on the bottom of the opening.

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Thanks so much! So that's called mulling? Wonderful! I located on-line from a window manufacturer that has detailed field mulling instructions. I think this will work just fine and will solve my problem.


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Cindy your are very welcome, anytime

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