Gloss poly on top of semi-gloss?

plaidthumbMay 30, 2011

Replaced some hollow-core luan interior doors. Matched the stain no problem. The poly is giving me fits. I thought it was at best a semi-gloss, so that's what I put on. Once it dried, it became pretty obvious it should have been a gloss finish instead.

So... can I just use some 220, lightly sand then go over the semi-gloss with gloss and get the sheen to match the surrounding trim? Or do I need to sand all the way down to the stain and start the poly from scratch?

Or is the difference so slight nobody but us would notice? We want to sell this place in a couple of years, and the work I'm doing is towards that thought.

Can anyone help head me in the right direction?


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Yes, you can recoat with gloss poly. No need to strip the semigloss.

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Awesome! Thanks for the reply.

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Gloss is determined by the top level of finish. If you have a lot of layers of low-gloss followed by a gloss, you might get a strange look (shiny from straight on and flatter from an angle), but for a couple of coats you should be fine.

I regularly put on full gloss for all but the last coat or two (the opposite direction of what you have).

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If you only applied one coat, that may be the problem. The first coat of any wood finish mostly gets absorbed into the pores. 3 topcoats, sanded between coats, is standard.

You don't notice the sheen until the second coat has dried.

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