Help...I used too much stain

hogan_njMay 13, 2012

I am building a cedar arbor. I put 2 coats of Cabot oil based exterior stain on the main,most visible part of the arbor. The first coat just looked to faint,but when I applied a second,it became too dark and very glossy.

Is there anything I could do short of sanding down to bare wood?

Thanks for any advice

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Not now, you need to strip off the whole coatings. The second coat was applied when the first was too dry to allow the second to penetrate. Strip with sodium hydroxide and neutralize with oxalic acid. Not a fan of Cabots. I use Ready Seal on all the decks I do. Right now I have a deck 1200 sq ft that has to be stripped and neutralized then sealed. The customer allowed her gardener to do her deck and now she is paying for it. Like allowing your dentist to give you a vasectomy.

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Lol.thats funny.let me ask u this. Will it fade over time? If so,would it take years?

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I wonder if you could try using a scotch brite type sanding pad to knock down the shine, and possibly lighten the color.

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No it will not disappear over time. You might get a bit of the sheen off by rubbing with mineral spirits. But the darer color will not come off without full removal.

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