Wood blinds & casement windows

24CaliSeptember 15, 2012

To make my wood blinds fit better in casement windows, I'm considering removing the entire crank mechanism to get rid of the post that inserts into the handle (& into my blind!). We never open these windows. Has anyone done this? Any feedback would be much appreciated!

T-cranks still protrude too much. There are other doors and windows in the room -- no safety issues.

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I had the same question on our casements. The shutters we used have an "extension" that attaches to the window frame so that thet fitt without having to mess with handles.

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Nice trim and opening details lkbum.

Very classic and well done. I like that look a bunch.

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I agree and in my opinion a much better choice than removing the operators.

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I think a mistake people make on windows is overlooking the trim during planning. I would have made this same mistake, thankfully our builder was VERY attentive to details. I originally was going to "picture frame" everything and not much else. For a relatively small increase in cost, he turned our trim carpenter loose and the results are really impressive. Everyone makes positive comments on the trim, including our Marvin Salesman who commented that this is a lost art and that people think high end means high ceilings and big rooms.

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Hi 24Cali

Crank handles have always been a problem with window treatments. If you remove those crank mech. you will never be able to open or close your windows. Have you considered replacing them with collapsing handles. They collapse so the handles don't stick out nearly as much and the blind clears much better.

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