Welfare Fraud Again

mom2emallAugust 17, 2010

Today I was thinking about the situation with bm. She recently told me that her and bf are moving into their own place. The kids told us a while back about going grocery shopping with bm on one of their few visits and how bm and bf bought steaks, lobster, shrimp, etc. They have a vehicle that is not more than a year old. I was thinking how can someone who is always so broke afford that stuff?? I know they save money on rent because they live with a crazy amount of people.

Then it dawned on me that she may be getting welfare benefits again. In our state their is a system you can login to look at some of your benefits. All you need is some info on any of the people in the welfare case. So I entered one of my stepkids info and there it was! Bm is again getting benefits for the stepkids! WTF!

Now when she did this in our state before I convinced dh to call the welfare office and he spoke to a caseworker about it all. We even faxed the caseworker documentation that he requested proving my dh had custody. When bm moved back out of state I called the welfare agency there and reported her for fraud here and told them I believed she would continue it out there. Nothing happens to this woman! Now what? Besides the fact that it is not fair for her to claim the kids when she contributes zero to their lives financially or otherwise, I also fear that someday it could come back to bite dh in some way.

Any ideas??

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Just keep on reporting her! Sooner or later it'll catch up with her.

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and make sure you keep documentation of your DH having the kids... school & doctor records/ receipts, etc.

Let her dig her own hole... sometimes the longer they have to dig, the deeper it is when they finally fall in.

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I would immidiatelly call welfare office, and send paper documentation showing dad has full custody, records and the fact that she never paid child support. If you don't report, it is like you are being an accomplice here. Please do it today. Unbelivable. Don't the welfare office checks who lives with her?

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"and make sure you keep documentation of your DH having the kids... school & doctor records/ receipts, etc."


Unbelievable. The system is just so flawed--doesn't seem to help those who truly need the help but enables those who take advantage.

My SS's BM has been collecting welfare since he was maybe 2 years old. Since SS was born, she has had two more babies on state health insurance, the last one planned! Food stamps, cash assistance, medical benefits, the works.

I will say---it used to work for her when she just had SS, but now she and her DH, with FOUR kids between them, are so strapped, that the welfare assistance she gets doesn't seem to make a difference. They are ALWAYS broke--I mean, like getting utilities shut off, no money for gas broke. They won't get ahead until BM gets a job. And she complains she cannot because of the little ones, but you know---she could work NIGHTS, wait tables or whatever, when her DH is home from work.

What your BM is doing is unbelievable, though---pretending she has those kids living with her! Un-freaking-real. Just tell DH to document everything---all receipts for medical care or school supplies, or whatever you buy for the kids.

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Report it.

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Yep, report it. There is not enough money for those people who really need help and are desperately trying to get off assistance, let alone cheaters and thieves.

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I talked to dh about it and he said she should not be doing this again! He was surprised that after he reported it last time and we sent in documentation that she could do it again. Then it was dropped.

Dh is kind of weak when it comes to stuff like this, he will talk about doing it but won't do anything if I don't nudge him. So later on I called and reported it. Gave them as much info as I could and they asked for our phone number in case they need documentation again. I gave it to them.

Hope that they follow thru this time. What do you think consequences for bm will be if they do follow thru? Kicked off welfare and ordered to pay back $?

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if she has no money, they won't be able to get money back. on the other hand ask lovehadley, I think BM was ordered to pay money back?

I also wonder if BM pays CS? and if not, maybe time to reinforce it? especially since she was getting welfare money, she should pay portion of it to your DH? i would pursue it simply because she was getting welfare on kids who don't live with her. what did she do with that money? now time to pay CS.

good for you reporting her.

men sometimes are weak when it comes to dealing with exes. my SO's ex did weird stuff like claimed SD on her taxes even though SD never got a penny from mom and never even went to mom's house? she took SD off her health insurance without telling SO or SD, and it put both SO and SD in financial predicament.

but he never followed up on anything because every time he would say to her "you can't do this", his ex answers "you don't like it, take me to court". she knows he hates courts and never will take her there, so she is free to do whatever.

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I hear that it costs the state more money to go after small-time wellfare cheats than it costs to just continue to pay them... A sad state of affairs, but believable.

You're right to report it, though.

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Someone is actually looking into the welfare fraud! Got a call today from our countys dept that's in charge of welfare programs. They called to confirm that the kids reside with dh, are attending school in our district, and that dh has legal custody. I said yes to all questions. I asked what happens now and they said its confidential. I asked if kids will be taken off bm's welfare case and the lady said yes.

So I wonder what they will do to bm. Some friends are telling me they will go after bm for fraudelant benefits paid to her. Some say they will cut off all welfare to bm for a year, or longer. I wish I could be a fly on her wall when she finds out she's been busted and at least loses the extra benefits for my skids!

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Woo-hoo! It's not that it's exciting to see someone get into trouble, but I don't like when people take my (and your) money when they are not entitled to it.

I know it can be criminal charges. And it might be; it's one thing to "forget" to notify welfare that you got a job, or one of the kids moved out, but it's something else entirely to lie from the get-go.

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That is great news! I am so glad when the system seems to *work.* And I, too, would love to be a fly on the wall when she finds out she's cut off! YIKES.

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