Hummingbird Light Block

cindilooSeptember 12, 2008

Here's another light block. I used a stained glass quilt block pattern. Haven't actually put in the lights yet...I kind of like it just like it is. Looks good just sitting in my window sill!

Here is it back lit:

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OH that is pretty!

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Very pretty! I love the hummingbird!

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I have looked at quilt patterns for stained glass before too! Gotta love a hummer! That was one of the first stained glass things I ever made...hummer, and I still love making them! Sheesh, I still got about 10 glass blocks out in the shed...another project left unfinished!!! Now I work at a recyling depot, in the thrift store section and am always seeing christmas lights and glass blocks come in! I am gonna end up spending my whole paycheck at work!!!ha!

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You must be proud! It is so adorable and a timeless design. I'm kinda in awe that you MADE it..

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Your hummer block is lovely!
So, so pretty... and I'm amazed when folks can cut and actually match up pieces! It's very inspiring!

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Wonderful. Cutting glass is my shortcoming, but this is inspirational.

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Thanks for all your nice comments, you make a girl feel good! All I can say about cutting glass is practice, practice, practice and then practice some more! I didn't use the ring saw on this one, but it sure does come in handy on a lot of other projects!

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Yeah, I'm always amazed, CINDI, at your cutting technique - such perfection I'll never achieve. BEAUTIFUL block. I have a mountain of quilting magazines from waaaaaaay back. Should drag some out and utilize the patterns. Thanks for the idea.

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