What did I buy?

klavierMay 12, 2010


I bought a Skil Sand Cat 2 1/2"X 16" 1/3 HP belt sander from some guy on Craig's list for $10 with spare belts. I didn't argue cause the price was so darn low, but it has the smallest sanding area ever. Practically an orbit sander on crack. For its size it has some serious weight and the thing is pretty much all motor. It is in great shape and runs well. Anybody know anything about these? I couldn't find much on google. Apparently it is older than it looks. Older than myself it turns out. I found an advertisement for one $37 1981.


Werner J Stiegler

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Is this the one?

Here is a link that might be useful: Model 7102

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It appears that for $10 you bought a small belt sander with some extra belts. I'm not sure what you question is.

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Belt sanders are very aggressive at removing wood and do not need a large platted area to work between the rollers.

That belt is going to be moving very quickly over that small area.

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I've had a Sand Cat for years...never had any probelsm with it. Works great as a small sized belt sander, which is what it is. Home Depot and Lowes DO NOT carry replacment belts of this size tho. Grizzley has them and can be ordered online.
You got a good deal for 10 bucks

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Yes, I know about the Sandcat sander. Years ago, when I built a round house, I put hundreds of hours on the Sandcat, smoothing out jigsaw-cut curves. It is a very rugged sander provided you do not drop it and break the plastic.

It is a far better sander for many users than the Porter-Cable 2-1/2 by 14 inch belt sander. The Skill weighs less, fits the hand better, and makes less noise, though still not quiet. The slower sanding speed is not an issue for most users, but heavy users should either try the Porter-Cable or an even larger sander.

You got a very good deal and I hope it serves you long and well. I still find belts for mine, so they are available.

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