How to finish cedar so it ages naturally but without raised grain

roguepetuniaMay 6, 2012

I have brand new clear red cedar Adirondack chairs. I do want them to naturally age to that beautiful silvery/grey color, but I have heard that if let entirely unfinished the grain will become raised and rough.

I heard that using a clear sealer like thompson's water seal would let the color age to grey WITHOUT the grain becoming raised.

Any have experience with this? is that an accurate statement?

My goal is for the chairs to age to a silvery/grey but not have rough, raised grain... how can this be achieved?

thanks so much!

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Any finish which can stop grain-raising will also prevent weathering somewhat. The weathering when it occurs will be spotty and uneven until the application has worn off, which will also mean the protection is gone.
Perhaps paint/stain them gray, or let them go natural.
Any really rough spots can be fixed with a small sanding sponge...

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I have an idea, but feel free to shoot it down. I'm looking into aging some pine, myself.

I've read that if you spray cedar with baking soda and water, it'll gray it quickly. Perhaps you could do that, then put your sealer on it?

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