2 Ceiling Fans on Single Wall Switch

Zig10March 6, 2012

Hi - I am replacing my Casablanca rotary wall switches (4 speeds) for my Casablanca ceiling fans (with pull chain). I have ordered several Lutron 1.5 Amp toggle switches with 3 speed slider to replace throughout the house.

My issue is: in one room, there are 2 ceiling fans (without lights) controlled by a single wall switch. Each fan is 0.9 Amp for a total of 1.8 Amp. As stated above, the new switch is 1.5 Amp. The old switch I'm taking out is 1.6 Amp and controls both fans. With the old switch in place, the fans run very slowly on the first 3 speed settings. They seem to run as expected on the highest setting.

My question is: What results can I expect if I replace the old switch with the new Lutron, 1.5 Amp? Safety concerns? I have spoken with Lutron - they suggest using a 5 Amp variable speed switch. However, I've heard these cause a humming noise, and I'd like my fan switches to be consistent throughout the house (appearance).

Note: The ceiling fans and wall switches are approximately 20 years old. I suspect the switches are worn out as they don't respond well sometimes.

Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like to go ahead and use the new 1.5 Amp switch so it matches the rest of the fan switches.


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Have you determined that the new switch type is compatible with your fans? You already know that both the old and new switches are overloaded on the amperage draw and service life will be adversely affected.

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"I have spoken with Lutron - they suggest using a 5 Amp variable speed switch. However, I've heard these cause a humming noise"

Heard from who? If you buy a fan rated switch of the correct amp rating you should have less problems. As stated above they should last longer and be more reliable. I cannot see spending money on a device you know from the start to be under sized. If you do, when they fail later, it will cost more in the long run.

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