Proper spacing for wainscoting

weedyacresMay 20, 2008

We're adding wainscoting to our dining room creating this type of look. I'm planning to use MDF sliced up to box out the squares, with cove molding around the inner sides of the boxes.

I'm trying to figure out the proper spacing given the differing wall lengths that will be wainscoted. They measure 36", 36", 156", 85", 30", 59".

Question #1: I can cover the first 2 walls using 6" stiles with 24" boxes between them. The other 2 walls can either be 6" stiles with 20" boxes or 5" stiles with 22" boxes. (All measurements approximate). Which will look better/less noticeable in their differences?

Question #2: We've got 9-foot ceilings. Does a 42" high wainscot feel like the right proportions for this room? It will also have 5" crown molding.

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I typically try for golden mean rectangles and a good look for any uneven spots.

you can tweak out small variances over several panels top avoid a very small filler, or even widen or narrow the stiles by fractions of an inch.

Wainscot height also depends on what the upper rail is.
If you use chair rail it needs to be at an appropriate height, but you can adjust if you are not using chair rail and have it come out looking good.

Do not forget that windows must be accounted for and have it still look good.

I avoid 'L' shaped panels near windows.

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