how to get aluminum from screens off windows?

amylaurenSeptember 2, 2012

Hi-we just moved into a house and I took off the aluminum screens and cant get the residue off the windows. I have tried windex and windshield cleaner I got from a glass store. The only thing that works at all it dry paper towel with a lot of pressure one small spot at a time.

Any suggestions to help cut into the residue-its really dry and on there. I have a lot of windows and the one little spot I was able to get with the dry paper towel took a loooong time. Thanks so much!

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Ypu have residue from the screens on the window or do you residue on your screens?

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Andersen used to have a home made formula for this, as they were one of the only companies to use aluminum for a time.
You might check their website or maybe call them.

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Anything with a high pH (slightly caustic) will dissolve aluminum.

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Windows on Washington

Straight vinegar has worked for me in the past.

Brickeye is right in my experience.

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cerium oxide

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"cerium oxide"

Expensive and very time consuming to polish off anything but a small area.

Aluminum likely has left aluminum oxide as part of any residue, and that is VERY abrasive and HARD.

Polishing it off is likely to result in more scratches that have to be polished out.

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I've had good luck with it. If it's a large area use an oscillating buffer. About $35.00 a pound at Amazon. Cheaper then new glass.....

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"I've had good luck with it."

You do understand that there is likely aluminum oxides present on the glass?

It is one of the hardest abrasives you can have, and wilt scratch the glass horribly while you try to polish it off with a very soft abrasive.

One of the rules of polishing anything is to make sure ALL the previous abrasive has been removed beofre going to the next grade.

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