WIP Birdhouse Gourd & Show update

flagtruckSeptember 19, 2008

I am going to visit a friend out of town for a few days, so will post this and ask for ideas on finishing the tippie top of this thing. I have tried a bell, and various gems...open to suggestions. The shoe is finally finished and ready for grout and finishing touches, then it is off to a new home. All ideas welcome....thanks. Carol

Here is a link that might be useful: WIP

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sorry y'all...shoe update..no show. lol

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That is GORGEOUS!!! Love the pellets - can't find them at Walmart as someone suggested. Everything about this birdhouse is just phenomenal. Your work is just perfect every time. Betcha you'll find a finial on your trip. If not, we'll probably find something on the way to RoboMargo's next week.

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Love the show shoe! And the gourd house is just so AWESOME!!! From the glow-in-the-dark-tiles to the crash glass to the pellets to the.....I could go on and on, it's such an amazing work! Lucky birds!

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I cannot wait for next year when I have some gords to work with. Great stuff!

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Your shoe is stunning and the gourds fabulous! How about adding a bird to the top of the birdhouse? I found some Christmas decorations on clearance that had a red cardinal on it. I could send it to you....


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Oh my oh my oh my.. those are FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVE your bird house, they are going to have a party when t hey move in. I am sure when you are gone you will think of a clever idea to top this magnificient piece!!!!!

And the shoe.. i love love that shoe.. Is it real???

have fun and cant' wait to see what else you dream up when you are gone. One of these days just gotta get to Texas and see you and Slow's place and others ..

by the way, when you are really bored, couuld you give us a small tut. on painting those tiles you did for the swap??? Thanks

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Slow-I got the pellets at WalMart in the sporting goods section by the beebees. Yes the shoe is real, I took a SA shoe and covered it with Rigid-Wrap, filled the toe with plaster, used a rasp to smooth it out and started mosaicing. I looked and looked at GW yesterday and didn't find inspiration for the top. The birdy on the top sounds cute,he would have to be weatherproof. I will probably wait until Slow and I go to the junk barn sale next week and maybe find a spindle or something.I will do the tut on painting in a week or two when I return. Just wondering how to do all the pics. I will figure it out. Thanks guys..you make my work worthwile.

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Love the shoe!!! It's timeless! My mother would beg to buy that, shoes are the family business.

What is a "SA" shoe? sorry this is a silly question :)

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Well, Flag, you KNOW how much I enjoy your art! I learn from every picture you post, and there were wonderful things to see and learn here too! I especially enjoyed seeing your drawing of the gourd in the back ground and how it all plays out. Wonderful, as always!

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LITSAPIZZA ...it took me a while to figure out some of the lingo around here....I think "sa" is salvation army.
"gw" is goodwill..."ts" is thrift store..."dh" is dear husband..."dd" dear daughter and so on. Hope that helps.

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Whew, Cindiloo, you even taught me some new ones. LOL The one that has me stumped is BB's. Is it bowling balls or birdbaths or just whatever the thread is following?

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Love the gourd... love that shoe, too! What a treat to see all of your wonderful projects!!!

Actually.. I think the BBs ... are actually... BBs... like you use in a BB gun. :) I think... that there are several sizes in the sporting goods dept. at W-Mart.

Safe travel, Flag! Love your work!!!

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I love that gourd!

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Flllllaaaggggggg. Where arrrrrreeeeee youuuu?

Has anyone seen her about? Slow, you must know where she is?

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I wrote to Flag and she wrote back. She's visiting a friend! But she's anxious to get back to her projects. She returns tomorrow I think with get this....9 bowling balls!

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Yeah, DAISY: That brat was supposed to go on a junkin' trip w/my friend Becky and me yesterday. (We went to Tyler to RoboMargo's annual barn sale - two hrs. from here - Margo is known on the junk side - y'all can Google her). We stopped at so many flea markets I lost count. She doesn't know (until she reads my morning email) what she missed. We left town at 7:15 am., and didn't return until 7:00ish pm w/the Jeep loaded. I was too tired to unload the Jeep last night. NINE??????????? BBs????????????????? That back garden is gonna be filled up soon, FLAG!

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Wow! OMG! that's about all I can say!!...you take the cake
for objects for sure! Wow! Amazing work!

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