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mom2emallAugust 3, 2009

So I told you all how last year my dh and I decided I would stay home with the kids. So this year I worked part-time at ss's school. During the summer I have been babysitting 3 children. So I have 7 children each day in my care.

Well my stepmom asked me to babysit a week ago for my 3 yr old sister 2 days because my dad had minor surgery and had to stay overnight in the hospital. I said ok and did it.

Then I found out that she did not stay overnight at the hospital and went gambling!! She has a gambling problem and visits the casino almost weekly! Her and my dad always claim she has coupons.....but I think that the casino would not be sending coupons all the time for free hotel rooms and free money if she was not doing her fare share of spending in their casino. Her and my dad are in major debt and are currently months behind in their mortgage and some other bills. We loaned them money a while back and they recently asked for more and I said we did not have it.

Anyways so my stepmom wanted me to babysit tomorrow so she could take my dad to a follow up appt. from his surgery. He has to have a biopsy and will not be able to drive home. I told her no becuase I will have 8 children here tomorrow already (my 4, the 3 I babysit, and my niece who I babysit sometimes). My stepmom asked about a different day and I told her the same thing and she got snippy with me! I told her that honestly I just can not handle another child, especially a toddler during the day!

She does not work, she complains about how hard it is taking care of my 3 year old sister, and her house is always a mess. Yet she gave me an attitude for being honest and telling her that there is no way I could handle 9 kids for a day! I am beyond angry. Last time I babysat she went gambling for goodness sakes!

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Good for you for having the where with all to deny her request :)

It many times falls out that others cannot bear honesty and will either get "snippy" or find a tit for tat retort. I can almost guarantee that it will somehow fall onto your shoulders that "you WOULDN'T sit for your sister during a time where your father had to have a biopsy" The GALL!

You did the right thing for your family :) Try not to let the anger eat at need to feed her indignation.

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You did just fine. Don't even let it bother you. Let it roll right off.

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Hugs to you.

I feel for the little 3YO. I think gambling can be an addiction. Have you spoken to your dad about mabye calling gamlers anon.

I supsect people have to hit bottem before they deal with this -- but I would stop loaning money to them. It is one thing to help parents who do not have drug, gambling etc. problems, I do that; but another to enable them.

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if babysitting means she can go and gamble, that is called enabling. don't enable her.

she could hire a babysitter or ask her family. does she have a family? she knows you watching all these kids for money which means you work, she wants you to watch her kid while you are at work. bad idea.

also if they have hard times financially maybe she should start working at least from home or maybe babysitting (oh yeah she finds it too hard...)

my SIL used to ask everyone to babysit when she didn't even work. she would say i will be back in one hour, go grocery shopping, she would come back 5 hours later. once she asked me to babysit for 2 hours on Sunday (my brother was on a business trip), she went out of town with her brother to visit some people, went to the movies wiht him and friends, went to eat out and returned back late at night. she was gone the enitre day, i had to work next day but she could sleep till noon next day. nice.

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