What in Gods name is this?

lthurtleMarch 26, 2010

So I yanked out the 1970's can light in my bathroom and found a junction box with this ... thing sticking out.

I opened it up and this thing had wires in it.

Can I just say, WTF?

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Maybe a relay if you have or used to have any low voltage switches in your house. Or perhaps a thermal sensor which is required in recessed lights but typically inside the can housing in series with the socket. It could be that that can light put it separate in the junction box. Does it wire in series with the hot feeding the light and the wire going to the light's socket?

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flourescent starter?

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Spencer got it. It's an old style thermal protector.

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All I can see is conduit improperly not connected to a junction box and a wire nut. Am I missing something?

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I don't see any conduit, what the heck are you looking at joed?

And yes, that is a thermal overload.

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