Oceana glass

flagtruckSeptember 14, 2008

Here is the ebay store

Here is a link that might be useful: Oceana glass

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I found these sites that have it.

I love the stuff and got a box of it from a person i bought a ton of glass from her uncle did stained glass. I haven't even used any of it. Cause he had a note in there they don't make it anymore. Yes they so now. I have seen it at my glass store.

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Thanks Gretch..I looked yesterday and found those sites after I sent the ebay link to Calam. How exciting, now I can use more of mine than the little pieces. I really want to use some of it in a gog window. Wench just did one to die for. I think I need the Beetle Bits to cut the 1/4" lines she used. But it is so neat. I am enthused.

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I so want the beetle bits too. I have mortons and it sucks. You do know ray from beetle bits is going around showing how to use it. He is suppose to be all over.

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I just bought 29 sq ft of glass and no oceana!!!! Good thing I forgot that I wanted a beetle bits too!lol! hmmm...Christmas is comin'!!!hahaha! Thanks for the link Flag, I will get a towel to mop up the drool!!! I feel like a shark having a feeding frenzy!!!hahahaha!

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I wonder if the Beetle bits comes with instruction video. Anyone know?

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Mine didn't. But Carol has some great tutorials on her blog: The Mosaic Obsession
Her tut's are also in this wiki.

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I bought mine from Jennifer at wholesale mosaics on ebay. i bought two 10lb boxes when she had them on auction.

Gretch, I will check out your other links. I didn't realize they were making it any more, thought Oceana lost all of those ole glass masters.

I got my beetle bits a couple months ago, and I didn't get a video either but it is fairly easy to use, and Carol has done a great job of explaining. My main problem is my brain. LOL, trying to keep counting and cutting every 3/8 drives me crazy..ROFL

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