Layering a Rug in a Dining Room

grlwprlsAugust 31, 2012

First, we use our dining room. Every night.

Our table is 3x8. I have a gorgeous 6x9 Oriental that blends with the art, the finishes, etc. because it was deconstructed and reborn into the dining room scheme. Of course, a 6x9 is too small for the proper function of the table.

Would it be an awful idea to layer the 6x9 - it's not terribly plush - over a neutral jute or sisal until I can find a properly sized rug? The room is sort of a youthful take on traditionalism.

While a 9x12 would be better, because the room is off center, a 9x12 would leave an uneven reveal of the rug behind one end of the table. Putting the table off center to all the architectural elements in the room really reads badly, even though the table is clearly not centered in the room. For a house with a first floor consisting of 4 rectangles, they are the most complicated rectangles I've ever dealt with...

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Without seeing your room, I don't have an opinion about layering rugs. As for placing a rug in a room, I know what you mean about difficult rectangles. I have to cheat one end of my rug under the buffet to make it look right in the room. I did think far enough ahead to buy a rug with no center medallion so that one's eye isn't drawn to an off-center center, lol. I think it's better for the rug to be correctly sized on three sides even if it means a little cheating on the fourth rather than be too skimpy.

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Get a rug that's longer than 12'. You want three feet of rug from the table to the end of the rug so that chairs, when pushed back, won't get caught on the rug. You need at least 13', and 14' would be better. That solves the problem of the rug not centered in the room. ;-)

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As far as I can tell, even a 9x12 won't work - because of floor registers for the AC on one side and the issue of the china cabinet/server being 2 legs on/2 legs off the rug. And, when I say "off center" I mean by a couple of feet in terms of rug placement. I swear, this house is giving me fits. No wonder they had a too small rug (that I laughed at) when we did our walk thru. And their table was much shorter than ours.

I know that an 8x10 is wrong, wrong, wrong for the function of the table and chairs...but at least it's only "one" piece of furniture that is wonky. With a 9x12+ - it's my HVAC system, and all my supporting pieces *and* the table/chairs.

It's not like a jute rug is a lifetime commitment - maybe I should buy it, layer it, and let y'all critique it in real life...

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I wouldn't do what you are proposing because it sounds messy and crowded. It may not look that way IRL, though, so if you can take back the jute r ug you could at least try it. I would not get seagrass, as they are quite thick and some have a very determined weave that could be felt even under the oriental. What you need is a very flat weave, like an outdoor rug, as the bottom layer.

However, I have to say that I now prefer the more spare look of no rug at all under a table, regardless of the type of flooring. It is also more hygienic, and I say that after having a DR rug cleaned :-)

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I have the same problem!! IF I could put the rug all the way to the wall, I might be able to get away with it. But a 12' is a bit short, and sticks WAY out into walkway when I umcover the vents by the wall.

My only solution so far has been buy carpet, and have it bound in a custom size. It IS much easier to sweep the crumbs from. Under the table with it bare, but the sound of the chais grating on the wood it making me batty(er)!!


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I don't like the idea of layering a rug under a dining room table. Not only will it look cluttered and awkward, it could also become annoying when moving chairs in and out. But here's the thing: especially if the room size/shape is awkward, as you seem to be saying, you don't NEED to have a rug. If you want to bring more softness to the room, you can add softer window treatments, a tablecloth or runner, chair cushions, etc.

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