Cedar Lumber pricing

intheshedMay 7, 2005

I just ordered some cedar from local lumberyard to build some porch chairs and table. 2x6 is $4/LF, 1x6 is 2.18/LF. Supposedly a good grade w/ only a few very small knots. Has anyone priced this lately? want to be sure not getting totally taken. Checked a few websites, but so far none list the price and i'm tired of googling and clicking for no $. Thx.

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32 dollars for an 8' 2x6 seems a little high, though if that's a real 2x6 and not a 1.5/5.5 it may not be. I think you may be getting looped, though I confess I haven't checked ceder prices as of late. I'd call around.

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This sounds about right for the western red cedar prices I have found - very expensive for anything over 4/4. If you want a comparison try this link:


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I live in the Seattle area. Here's a price list for many sizes and grades around here so you can make a comparison:


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Thanks for the words and links folks - found out that i'm paying in the ballpark - maybe just a few pennies high, but as i said,it's the local lumberyard and their service is pretty good, it's 2 miles from home, and it's NOT a big box store. again thanks

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I recently made a 5ft half log cedar mantle, after sanding from 100, 150, to 220 with gator sand paper Ithen applied 2 coats of min-a-wax natural stain which really brought out the rich red in the grain. I let dry for a day then foam brushed on 3 coats of fast drying water based polycrylic. Im interested in receiving comments or pointers on my process and the durability of the polycrylic.

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