Can you fix mismatched wood filler?

prgal76May 15, 2008

My husband and I installed a beautiful cedar post in our main living area when we removed the load bearing walls to open up the space. We wanted to keep the post natural looking so only applied a few thin layers of poly. As part of the install, we screwed though the top of the post into the beam above leaving large holes in the wood. We filled in the holes with a "cedar" wood filler and sanded. Now, the areas where the wood filler are look bad - very dark red, almost like someone painted oval dots on the post. Is there any way we can fix this and still keep the natural look of the wood?

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Dig it out with a small chisel, gouging tool, or drill it out just enough to add a thin layer of the right color putty. Touch up finish, or get the wax based touch up stick which is a putty intended for use after the finish is applied.

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I would buy a tube of artists oil paint in the desired color and a small brush and touch up the offending "oval dots". I trust the dots are high and won't be subject to regular wear form hands.
Linda C

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