Converting push out casement windows

charlieg100September 28, 2010

I have a 1920's bungalow with a large fixed window with a vertical casement window on each side. The casement windows open by unlatching them and just pushing on the frame. There is no push rod nor crank mechanism. Does anyone know if it is possible to install a folding crank handle mechanism like the contemporary casement windows have? I would like to attach a window screen to the inside of the window frame and don't want one of those little cut-outs in it.

Thanks very much for any ideas!

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You could probably convert your existing wood window to a crank out but you are talking about a tremendous amount of time and patience. I have never heard or anyone attempting it, however. Why not just put in a replacement block frame window? Most of the major vinyl companies have them. As for wood, I know Marvin has a 3 1/4" replacement casement in either wood or clad. Good luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion. I am in the position of having more time than money, so am willing to try to do the conversion myself since I have 4 windows to convert. I did price out new vinyl windows and the least expensive replacement windows I could find were close to $300.00 each. I was hoping to accomplish this for the price of conversion hardware.

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2 options for screening push out casements.
Use a framed screen that opens inward on the sane side as the casement. Use a hidden screen - I believe they make a rollup version, that would mount at the top of the window.

Several manufacturers have started offering pushout casements again with these options; you could look at their websites for pictures.

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