How to do trim around this doorway

weedyacresMay 19, 2008

I want to trim out this doorway:

to look something like this (general idea, not the exact design):

I will also do something on the thick (~12") wall that leads into the room, like picture frame molding.

My challenge: on the inside of the room, we've put up 5" crown molding, but the ceiling doesn't drop down when it gets to the doorway, so if the crown molding continued around, it would hang down below, which would obviously look stupid. And I can't run the crown around the 12" wall, because it wouldn't blend with the pediment/casing on the doorway. What's the best way to make this look good? I'm thinking I could build a small soffit across the doorway, then run the crown across the back and do all the trim on the front.

Will that work? Other ideas/methods of attacking this?

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Crown molding is commonly terminated with an outside corner and small wedge shaped piece covering the end to make the profile of the molding return against the wall. For each side of the doorway, make two outside corners with very short pieces to make the molding turn around the corner of the door jamb, and then turn again, ending with a butt edge to wrap the inside of the jamb.

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I don't really want the crown to wrap onto the jamb part, because I'm going to do some picture frame molding on it, and it seems like that would look funky. Also, given that it's 5" molding, wouldn't that make a pretty severe-looking return? I guess I could play with a couple pieces to see what it would look like.

Thanks for your input.

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