New Windows for Home in CA - Milgard, Simonton, Superior

arazaviSeptember 16, 2009


I am in the process of figuring out which windows to get for my home in Southern California. We have about 35 windows and 4 doors we will be changing. 3 large sliding glass doors, and one single hinged in swing door. After doing some browsing of the various manufacturers locally available, and getting some numbers, it looks like the price is about the same if I go with nail on windows with the Milgard Tuscany, Simonton Impression 7500, or Superior Ultima windows. As far as the warranty goes, they are also all about equal. I would be getting them all with the LOW E and Aargon gas.

As far as application goes, the biggest factor is high speed Santa Ana winds and heat. For the doors, ease of operation is key.

Any thoughts from homeowners, installers, or retailers who have had experience with these products? I am not certain if the features are the same, though they did seem so on paper.

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Here are the quotes I have received thus far for 6 windows, 1 sliding glass door, and 1 single french door:

Simonton 7300 - $4050.94 -- Intercept spacer, Low E 366 + Argon $200 more for the intercept spacer
Simonton 7500 - $4225.60 -- Intercept spacer, Low E 366 + Argon $200 more for the intercept spacer
Superior Ultima - $4788.32 - Clear LowE 366 + Argon
Milgard Tuscany - $4932.28 -- Sun Coat Max

Due to the setback on the Simonton being 1 3/8" I will likely not go with them. I am leaning on the Superior Ultima line.

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The Superior Ultima vinyl window is very nice for the money. Superior Ultima vinyl windows come standard with the lowe366. Add argon gas and they qualify for the $1,500 tax credit for homeowners. Superior has a lifetime warranty with glass breakage. Superior has two lines of vinyl windows. Superior Ultima and Superior Deluxe. Superior makes some of the best swing French vinyl doors.

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