RTA Vanity sink bases

JamieMay 6, 2012

I'm looking at these for the first time. My question concerns sink bases with drawers. The specs don't usually say how wide the drawers are. I usually look at the smallest sink door base they carry, and then at the smallest drawer base they carry, and I assume that the narrowest butt door sink base will have the narrowest drawer width.

But I'm looking to create a wide vanity -- 60 inches.

I have a small sink -- only 21 inches -- and I want a lot of drawers, deep ones on the left and shallow ones on the right. But a deep drawer, at 12" in width, is useless to me. I need a deep drawer that is at least 15", and preferably 18" wide.

I'm thinking that one way to save money would be to get a sink base with big drawers on the left and add a 4-drawer cabinet on the right. And I'm finally getting to the question. At what sink base cabinet width do they move into a wider drawer?

For example, if the line has 27" and a 30" and a 33" sink base, do you think they would all have just 12" drawers? At what point do they start putting a 15" drawer into a sink base? Is there ever a point where they use an 18" drawer in a sink base?

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I can't help you with the question, but I can tell you I have a 78" vanity, with 2 sinks.

I also wanted decent drawers. Norcroft created it using 2 18" drawer bases and 2 21" full-height cabinets. The thing is, the drawers are so darned shallow their width means nothing.

I'm thinking of cutting out a mullion and putting in a bigger, deeper drawer. Width is one thing, but don't forget the depth.

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