Breaker/gcf in Kitchen blown

snowleopardMarch 5, 2013

My husband was running the toaster, coffee maker, microwave, kitchen light, and mini fridge all were on when the circuit blew. The toaster and coffee maker are plugged into what we assume is a gcf plug, however it looks like it has been painted over at some point (we just bought the house). My husband tried reseting from the circuit breaker box with not response, even reset main power to all. Upon pushing all the buttons on the GCF plug nothing happens and the power is still out. Any idea how we can remedy this? My husband is not a handy man and I have minimal knowledge on electrical stuff. Thanks!

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If you're not experienced with electrical work, you should leave it to a qualified professional.

Beyond that, was a breaker tripped in the service panel? If so, what happened when you husband reset the breaker?

The GFCI probably isn't resetting because it isn't getting power.

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Paint over a receptacle GFCI could keep the buttons from functioning by limiting their movement, at the very least.
Get some expert onsite help. In order to gain expertise, watch what they do very carefully.

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