Lutron Switches

bondrey102March 23, 2011

I have replaced my second Lutron Rocker-style dimmer switch due to mechanical breakage since my kitchen remodel 6 years ago. I took this one apart and was surprised to see the poor quality and design of this unit. I don't see how they can get long service life out of these things.

Anyone with similar experience or is it just me?


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Ron Natalie

If you think the Lutron stuff is bad, try some of the Smarthome stuff. I've got nearly a 100% failure rate over the past six years.

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So, what do you recommend? Who makes quality stuff...Leviton?

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Please post the model number of the failed Lutron switch.

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I would like to know what switches are recommended, both std. and dimmer.

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Maybe I should have stated it different... What do you think the best (and most reliable) decor type switch and dimmer is?

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A bit spendy (~$40), but I just installed a Lutron MAESTRO digital fade dimmer, w/ IR remote control. Only a week's worth of mileage on it, so can't speak to the long-term quality. But so far... LOVE IT! Decora style, and they come in about 30 colors, incl. stainless steel... GF is wearing out that remote, lol.

With its very slow fade-on/off operation, incandescent bulb life should be extended... I hope.

On the Leviton front, can't speak to their dimmers, but their Decora-style switches seem to hold up, even the 2-in-1-gang and 3-in-1-gang combos.

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