White siding, ______ shutters, ______door!

dixiedoAugust 9, 2011


We currently have a very "popular" color scheme that I like, but after 10 years wouldn't mind changing up. Interested in what you guys have to suggest, and also interested in how many will suggest what we already have LOL!!

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Photos would help.....

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Need photos or at the very least clues as to the type of house.

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Traditional... don't want to post photos of my home. Just looking for general color combination ideas.

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What color is your roof?

Drive around and look for similar room colors with paint colors you like. I like light gray with white trim and a black door.

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70s ranch - white siding, blue shutters and orange door! Next colour might be a berry red for the door in a few years. Problem for me is that we have a storm door that messes up my front-door look and DH does not want it removed!

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I agree, drive around and look at home colors. My house is white shingle style with black shutters (previous owner). Am ready for a change and like a green teal seen for shutters/door.

Teapot, same issue here with storm door. The storm is a really nice one that looks like a french door, but hides my great entry door. Maybe we should switch out and have storm inside/entry outside. That would make people look. Wonder if they make anything like this...we could be a first for weird.

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Yeah... not too much inspiration 'round these parts. Every 2 story traditional white house around here has the same color scheme as mine (black shutters, red door), and it isn't inspiring me anymore. May do black/black....

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I have a ranch with white siding, SW camelback shutters which is a warm carmel tan and I am getting ready to paint my door SW riverway - a darker warm blue. My roof is a warm brown.

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Black-ish green shutters and elephant gray door...with lots of brass....and pots of gold mums and daffodils in the spring and marigolds or rudbekia in the summer.
Linda C

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Black shutters, white door. (My house!:))

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I'm weird. I like classic. Bright red *shiny* door (FPE in brilliant). Black shutters. Actually, I'm dying for that. We have a darker red door (BM brick red) with darker red shutters (brown window and trim in BM wood grain brown with brownish and redish beige brick). I always admire the starkness of the black and white in our neighborhood. I seriously want a bright red door. Or, I guess... black shutters and a dark green door would be another option for me. I guess I'm more boring than I thought. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: What a red door symoblizes. :)

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Go to all of the paint stores in town and pick up the brochures on exterior paints. They have some great combinations.

How about this:

White house, black shutters, purple door.

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Let's see:

a)White house, dark rich blue shutters, bright shingy yellow door -- with black door knocker.

b)White house, black shutters, lipstick red shiny door with bright silver knocker.

c)White house, dark greeny-black (sometimes called Charleston Green) shutters, darkest claret red door with bright brass knocker.

d)White house, black shutters, dark orange door with black knocker.

e)White house, dark eggplant shutters, dark pink door with shiny silver knocker.

f)White house, dark brown shutters, lime green door with ORB knocker.

Just to name a few ..... LOL!

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Forgot one or two:

g)White house, Dark gray shutters with darker yellow door with silver knocker.

h)White house, dark blue shutters with silvery gray door with silver knocker.

LOL! :)

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Love the suggestions Teacats =) Right now we are at "B".... I am really interested in considering "C" or Graywaings suggestion of a purple door. Hmmmm......

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