Video games

mom2emallAugust 15, 2009

So I took your idea Ceph and talked to the boys about video games today. Told them no gaming before 9am....and it can only start at 9am IF they have eaten breakfast, brushed their teeth, and gotton dressed. My son looked at me and said "where in the world did you get that idea?"

I thought that was pretty funny!

Anyways, they both took it well. I am excited!

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Haha! That's terrific!
I hope this gives you kids who sleep later and are in better moods in the morning (like it did for us).

I'm totally impressed that there were no tears involved (there were for us).

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Sounds like a plan---I hope it works!

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"where in the world did you get that idea?"
well on a gardenweb stepfamily forum, where else? LOL hahah

I was telling DD something once, don't remember what it was, and she asked: "have you learned it on your parents forum?" LOL

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How's it going so far? Two days in...

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Two days in and I am happy to report that both my son and ss have survived! They have eaten breakfast each day and brushed their teeth and gotton dressed. All by 9am!

And I have noticed that they are sleeping better because they are not dragging themselves out of bed at 7am to start gaming!

Today they actually did not even get on video games till after lunch because we spent the morning walking the dog and going to the park.

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Isn't the "not dragging themselves out of bed at an ungodly hour to play video games" thing fabulous?

I'm glad our system's going well in your house :)

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Oh yes, I remember those days well lol. Now we have to require the cell phones be handed over at 10pm.

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I had no issue with cell phone or videogames, DD didn't care about those, but I had a major issue with Internet and overall computer (computer games or what not).

DD spent enormous amount of time on the Internet/computer (she still spends a lot of time on computer). She was required to turn off computer at 10PM. She typed so loud that I could not sleep next door.

I became so paranoid wiht it that once I yelled "stop typing i can't sleep!!!" In a mean time it turns out DD was in a bathroom getting ready for bed and computer was off. LOL I heard so much of her computer that it was in my ears even when it was off!!! LOL

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oh how that would SS6 will wake up on a Saturday at 7AM, will come in our room "daddy can I play vieo games" no i did not spell that worng, that is how he says it. And dad will give in and let him play for HOURS before breakfast, before anything, then the kid is GRUMPY all day long!

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