Electrical grounding

daveleonardMarch 10, 2014

I have a unique problem. I am an American retired to the Philippine. 220 is in use here. However, I have no safety wire on the house to ground. No house has a safety ground. I am also a ham radio operator. I must ground my HF equipment to a common ground plate and then to a deep rod ground outside. My question is, since my house electrical system is not grounded how will this affect my station grounding system? Will I be causing problems by grounding my station when my house isn't even grounded. We have very questionable electrical practices here.

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Ron Natalie

Hi, N1RN here a ham of 40 year (Amateur Extra for the past 25).

Your RF ground usually would be well advised to be grounded to your house wiring ground. Obviously if you don't have a house ground, you can do that.

If you're using modern equipment you're probably not going to have any issue not having a house safety ground. The house wiring ends at your rig's power supply and it's DC after that.

If you wanted to, you could use your RF ground (almost certainly it is better than nothing) for grounding the power line side of your gear.

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Thanks N1RN for the reply. Yes I will have all my equipment , including the regulated power supply, grounded to a common plate. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't causing a problem since the house current is not grounded. You answered that and I appreciate it. Thanks again and 73's.

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