Exterior panel shutters

tunnymowgMay 8, 2009

My husband is going to be making us some new exterior shutters and wanted me to get some suggestions on what he should make them out of. They are going to be a fairly simple recessed panel design (two panels with a small bead around each and a cutout in the top panel). They will be painted, so the material should be something that takes and holds paint very well. We're planning to mount them (on fiber cement siding) with functional hinges and put shutterdogs on them but they probably will not ever be closed. I just really like the look of traditional, functional shutters. My husband was thinking cedar or redwood. Thoughts?


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I built some , fixed louver type, for a customer. I used cypress. It is rot resistant and machines fairly well. It was less expensive than cedar, and was easier for me to get. I used Cabots water based stain on them. Shutter hardware is quite expensive.

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We are planning to also "try" to build raised panel shutters. Appreciate the suggestion on the cypress. My question is where is the best place to go to get the wood? We live in the Midwest and I don't think the box stores would have the right quality. Does anyone know if there is a website with direction to help with the build. DH has all the tools necessary, but we have not tackled this kind of project before.

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Redwood, western red cedar, or cypress are all good choices but you're not likely to find suitable material at a big box store. Since you're going to paint them, there are plenty of other choices, probably cheaper and easier to obtain. Pine and fir come to mind.

Good luck!

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Based on what you describe, I'd probably make them like a two panel raised panel door.

"Midwest is a pretty big place, but try the link below once you decide on a species.

Here is a link that might be useful: woodfinder

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