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queensinfoSeptember 21, 2011

I received a quote for the replacement of my current brown vinyl (1980s) windows with okna double hung 500 deluxe windows with low E and climaguard. This includes a basement window laminated glass and a frosted small bathroom window. the quote was $5500. Is this a decent price? I also received a quote for united and simonton windows that was about 1000 bucks more (I think these were very high) from a different company.

There arent a lot of okna dealers to contrast the price here and it seems that some of you sell those as well.

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well, if its 1000 cheaper than simonton, what do you think?
united is not a quality window at all by the way and simonton is average.
i have no idea how an okna dealer came in that low especially since there is a rather large upcharge for brown vinyl. something doesnt sound right.

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We are getting quote from Okna right now.
I would be curious how much was your quote for window and the size of the window.

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Also you never do tell us how many windows and what is included with the installation. Are all 3 quotes for the same type of installation using the same materials?

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You can hand 2 different painters the exact same can of paint and end up with 2 very different results. Thinking of windows as a comodity is where most go wrong.

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i noticed you are interested in the other quote. his quote is irrelevent since you dont know the extent of the install as well as the quality of the installer doing it.
if your objective is negotiating the cheapest price, you are going to be spending alot of money later.
i would first see if i liked the quality of the window, then evaluate as to whether or not the company you are considering can do a quality install. usually reputable companies charge an honest rate. its the cheap guys that cause the consumer all the problems.

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Talk about piling on...you guys are a tough crowd :) sorry, i thought i mentioned that it was for 13 windows, i am getting white replacements to the currently brown windows. I didn't think that the company with the uniteds was anywhere near the ballpark and they left a bad taste in my mouth. The installations with the uniteds were going to have to do work on the sill to improve the pitch. The okna includes replacement of a few sills. I dont know how simonton compares to the okna (I think it was simonton 5500, the dealer was never that clear on the model number but was the same glass without climaguard).

I was just trying to get an idea of that was a reasonable quote for these windows and an install (understanding that you cant tell how in depth the install is).

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The Okna 500 is a better window than the Simonton 5500. that doesn't mean you will not be happy with the Simonton, just that the Okna is a step above. I don't comment on price as I have no idea what your dealers overhead expenses are. As a general rule, I would expect the Okna 500 to be more than the Simonton 5500 given the same installation and options. OTOH I would worry about a price that's too low. The old saying that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is might apply. Have you checked these dealers out with the BBB, Angies List, rferences etc.?

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I have never seen an Okna 500 priced that low especially with brown.I don't comment on price but that is o ridiculous that contractor could be losing money. A lower vend price would be 7,000 .
If Okna found out someone was selling the window that low and basically losing money, they would not be happy.

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mmarsel - i am getting white not brown. also, the 800 series was up around the $7500 mark i think (out of my budget)

I intend to get the Okna windows. I called Okna to ask about the distributor (and checked BBB and Angies) and they said people have been very happy with their work and they get practically no complaints with them. I am concerned that the cost will escalate if they find "problems" with the underlying structures, replacement of a couple of sills with known issues are included.

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Hidden damage is always a possibility. If we know about it in advance and it's something we can see, we let the customer know and tell them what we would charge to repair. However, if we remove a window and there are termites, obviously that's not something we could have known about and there is an extra charge. I would ask if they have a standard charge per linear foot for rotted wood and get that in writing on your contract.

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i am still baffled by that low of a price even with white. it just doesnt make sense.
anyway, good luck.

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